Compassion for the 21st Century!

Lately, i’ve been playing around with this site called is an online volunteerism site that brings together people who need help, and people who would want to help.   It’s pretty simple. If you’re  part of any Non-Profit Organization, you can post an ad about anything you might need- copywriting for an advertisement … Continue reading

Project-based learning

As I was reading through the Classroom 2.0 forum (, I stumbled upon a couple of videos and sites talking about project-based learning. Here’s a quick summary from one of the sites:   Project-based learning is a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges. With this type of active and … Continue reading

“The Social Network”

Just saw “the social network” last night. It’s the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook (according to the press release, it’s loosely based on the true story). Being an avid user of Facebook the past few years (much like you, who are probably reading my blog post because you clicked on the link … Continue reading

The Silent Side of Sunday 10.10.10.

Finally got to edit the shots I took last sunday. Watching them again makes me wish for another slow, restful Sunday. 🙂     The Silent Side of Sunday- Manila, Philippines from ngo galvin on Vimeo.

NEXT BLOG PROMPT: Books, books, books!

Though it was difficult to remember the details of the books i’ve read, I felt good having read them. It’s time to read more. 🙂


“There are millions of ways to tell a story. There’s only one way to watch one” ( A friend referred this site to me last night. It features a quintet of short films entitled “Parallel Lines”, wherein 5 directors were given the same script, and freehand to contextualize their script and shoot it in their … Continue reading

One day on earth 10.10.10

A few months ago I stumbled upon this site called It was a website that asked for contributors to help create a one day time capsule for the whole world. Basically, each participant submits any video that they want to show from their part of the world. After the deadline of submission, some of … Continue reading

Mabuhay ang GS Filipino! – Next day # 1

Today, we had the first next day with the GS Filipino Department. The next day is a new by-department workshop format of operation next. As opposed to the usual workshops, the next day tries its best to have a more fun, intimate, practical techie session with each of the departments. Its goal is for the … Continue reading

blog prompts by next v.1

1. What do you do in Xavier? With the NExT Team, 1st year & schoolyear 2. If I were not working in Xavier, I would be _____________________. A broadcast designer in some tv station or doing freelance motion graphics work 🙂 3. My favorite subject/club in school was _______________________. Computer (so predictable…) 4. What Britney … Continue reading

Share your videos through your blog!

Hi, this is a quick guide on uploading your video in vimeo, and embedding it into your wordpress page: PART 1: Uploading your video to vimeo 1. Go to “”, register an account by clickin on “sign up for Vimeo” 2. Choose Basic (because its free 🙂 3. Enter your registration details 4. Go to … Continue reading